CHN offers Lease Purchase Residents
Summer Employment Opportunities and Scholarships for College!

Meet Precious Brooks, a hardworking dedicated 18-year-old Cleveland Housing Network resident who has her sights set on becoming a state-licensed registered nurse. “I love caring for people, and I have a big heart and feel that it’s my way of giving back to the world,” she says recalling her earliest memory of wanting to be a nurse. “When I was six, I got a Barbie, and she was a doctor. I decided then that I wanted to be like her.”

In partnership with Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.), CHN is going to make sure that Precious, and other Lease Purchase youth, has the resources to fulfill their goals! Together CHN and Y.O.U. kicked off the third year of youth summer employment opportunities which includes a projected 200 job placements.

Youth employment helps family stability:
CHN’s Lease Purchase Program (link to website) focuses on providing stable housing so that families are empowered to focus on other stability factors such as education and employment. CHN’s approach is to focus on the whole family, not just the adults. By providing educational and employment opportunities to youth in the Lease Purchase program, the entire family benefits.

How the program works:
Each spring, CHN partners with Y.O.U. to execute the Summer Youth Employment Program. Interested Lease Purchase youth are asked to complete an application and go through a formal interview process with CHN staff. Once accepted, applicants are placed in summer jobs with one of CHN’s 14 partner employers (we’re one of them). Positions encompass multiple sectors including corporate, manufacturing, retail, public service, construction and maintenance, and administrative work. Summer employment runs from June 20 through July 29.

Partner Employers
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Dollar Bank
Cleveland Magazine
Sherwin Williams
Miceli's Dairy
Cleveland Police Department
Cleveland Fire Department
Cleveland State University
Cleveland Housing Network
Dave's Market
Berry Installations
Ginn Academy
St. Ignatius High School

While working on her State Tested Nurse Aide License (STNA), Precious participated in the Summer Employment Program and worked at Dollar Bank for six weeks. She had an excellent experience and her mentor at Dollar Bank was very pleased with her work.

CHN is the central host employer which entails marketing / outreach, corporate and public sector job development, processing applications, conducting interviews, providing orientations and soft skill training, and placing residents at private sites.  Y.O.U. provides the financial resources, payroll management and distribution systems, access to additional employers, and the overall infrastructure
that makes this effort possible.

College Scholarship Program:
The second component of investing in our youth involves our College Scholarship Program. This effort provides scholarships of between $3,700 & $4,000 to be used at a post-secondary institution of the youth’s choice.  CHN works with youth to set up savings accounts at one CHN’s partner bank’s and makes sure youth are completing financial literacy training as well depositing savings on a monthly basis. Once youth have saved $500, and completed their required course work, then CHN will provide them with $3,700 to $4,000 in a match scholarship which is sent directly to the college or university the youth plans to attend. To be eligible for the match savings, youth must be at least 18 years of age, have previously participated in CHN’s summer employment program, and must be
currently employed.

We’re seeing results! 
Summer Jobs    Savings Match program(started in 2015)
2014: 155 jobs    ----
2015: 177 jobs    7: distributed scholarships
2016:  200 jobs   13: projected scholarships

Precious was awarded a scholarship to help her pursue a nursing career. “The CHN scholarship has helped me get closer to my goal financially,” she said. ‘It has helped me with my character and attitude because receiving a scholarship for being the person I am and doing the things I do has
motivated me to become a better me and not give up.”

CHN and Y.O.U would like to congratulate Precious and all of the students participating in this summer’s programs. We can’t wait to see all the great things you do! 

Please contact Chavone Taylor (email for more information.