Classes & Counseling FAQs
Computer Training FAQs


Do I have to be a CHN resident to attend classes?
No. Classes are available to everyone. However, we do ask that you register for classes or counseling.

Is there a fee to take any of the classes?
No. All of our services are provided free of charge.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the Home Smart class?
We provide a certificate for completing all 6 classes in the HomeSmart series. You will receive a certificate indicating that you completed homeownership education. Many banks will accept this certificate as proof that you have received homeownership education and financial education and training.

What should I do if I miss a class in any of the class series?
If you miss a class in a series, such as Home Smart, speak to your instructor to discuss the best way to make up the class. Once you complete any classes you missed, you will receive your certificate.

Can I bring my children or other family members?
You are welcome to bring children to class; however please be aware that we are unable to provide childcare services, and space is limited. Other adults are welcome to attend, but if you are participating in a class we would prefer they also register.

Do I need any classes to get into CHN housing?
If you are participating in CHN’s Lease Purchase Program the two classes you will be required to take include Life as a Lease Purchaser and My Money prior to moving in.

Do I have to bring my own credit report for financial counseling?
We recommend that you pull all three credit reports and bring them with the other required documents. However you may also bring a $10 money order and we’ll pull all three reports and scores for you.

Where can I go to view my credit report?

Do you help with debt consolidation?
CHN does not provide debt consolidation services, but our certified counselors can help you understand your options and the costs of consolidation services.

Can I contact CHN to sign-up for GED prep courses?
No. Before participating in the program, you must first take a practice test at Tri-C. You can register and schedule your practice test by calling the ABLE/GED hotline at 216-987-3201.

Where should I go to take my practice test?
Practice test can be taken at Tri-C’s Western and Eastern Campuses free of charge. However, you must register and schedule your test time and date before taking the GED practice test.

Computer Training - FAQs

How long will it take to complete the program?
It will take an average of 16 hours to complete computer training based on the classes you take and the material you are interested in covering.

What if I already have basic computer skills?
If you already have basic computer skills and would prefer to begin your training with the Advanced Internet courses, you can sign up directly for the basic Microsoft Word and Micrsoft Excel. We do not currently offer Advanced Microsoft Office courses.

What assistance will I get with a computer?
Through its Connect Your Community program, CHN kept its relationship with local computer refurbishing facilities to offer low-cost refurbished computers. Details of what type of hardware available for purchase will be shared during the training course. 

What kind of help will I get with my internet?
Through its Connect Your Community program, CHN kept its relationship with Mobile Citizen, a national non-profit organization that provides discounted broadband internet services. Details of what type of devices and internet services available for purchase will be shared during the training course.

What happened to the free computer program?
CHN regrets that the Connect Your Community program ended in the Summer of 2012.

I received a computer through Connect Your Community and need help!
Please contact RET3 for any issues related to the computer hardware. Computers with RET3 serial numbers and MCFSS serial numbers come with 3 year warranties from the date of pickup. Please contact them at (216) 361-9991 during their regular business hours: M-F 8:30AM – 3:00PM.

Wasn't there an agreement with AT&T?
We regret AT&T terminated the AccessAll program on June 15, 2011.