Do I have to pay for CHN’s Energy Conservation & Weatherization services?
Generally, our customers do not have to pay to receive these services. However, in some instances we may require a landlord contribution if your furnace needs replaced.

How long before I hear about the status of my application?
Most of our energy conservation & weatherization programs have a 2-3 week processing time. However, in some cases there may be a 30-90 day wait. To inquire about the status of your application, call 216.574.7100 and ask for Weatherization, EPP or Water Conservation program.

Once I’m approved for services, when should I expect someone to inspect my home?
For some of our other weatherization and energy conservation programs, it can take between 30-90 days to receive services on your home. Once your application has been processed our inspector will contact you and work with your schedule as best as possible to set up a time for your home inspection.

For water repairs, a plumbing company under contract with CHN will call within 2 weeks of application to schedule a visit to your home and all repairs will be made that day, unless the repairs require more time.

What if I have no heat, my refrigerator broke, or I am experiencing another emergency?
Although our energy conservation and weatherization services are not emergency programs, we may still be able to provide immediate assistance as long as you meet all program qualifications. Call 216.574.7100 and ask for EPP or Weatherization to discuss your emergency situation.

Do I have to be a homeowner to receive services?
Not in all cases. Each program page describes whether the service is available to homeowners or tenants. However, some programs may require renters to provide landlord authorization.

I have old or broken appliances and mechanical systems (e.g., furnace, refrigerator, freezer, hot water tank). Will you provide me with a new one?
It depends. We do not replace units just because they are old. We replace them if they are inefficient energy hogs. You must qualify for replacement, and this is determined by the home inspector. You should fill out the application and, if you qualify, we may be able to provide you with a new appliance.

I don’t have a refrigerator or freezer. Can I get one through these programs?
You cannot get new appliances unless we are replacing existing inefficient units. However, in some cases, customers who apply for our Weatherization services may be eligible to receive new, energy efficient appliances. If you have no existing appliances (refrigerator, freezer) go to our Weatherization page, complete and return an application and we will determine your eligibility.

I received compact fluorescent light bulbs through your program. Can I get replacement bulbs?
Some of our electric services are covered by a two-year warranty. If the two-year warranty is expired we will not be able to provide new light bulbs. However, if your warranty has not expired and you have not received a monitor visit, we will arrange for a monitor to bring new light bulbs to replace the old ones. If you have had a monitor visit, and you are still within the two-year warranty period, you will need to bring your light bulbs to CHN and we will replace them. Please be aware, you must bring your light bulbs with you, or we cannot replace them.

The one-year warranty on my appliances has expired. Can I re-apply?
You can be serviced only one time at the same residence. If you move into a new residence, you must be there for at least 12 months before you can apply for electric conservation services.

Who should I call if I am having problems with the appliances I received through CHN?
If you are within your one-year warranty, contact Precious Johnson or Laura Beardsley at 216-574-7100 and we will place a work order with the appliance company. They will contact you within 1-2 business days to set up an appointment.

Do you repair small water leaks?
Yes, even small leaks or drips can drastically affect your water bill. It’s important to always repair leaks/running toilets quickly. However, you can only access this program once every two years.