CHN believes that, to reach solutions of scale, it is necessary to work through collaborations where partners are able to leverage their respective capacity and expertise. CHN’s current and most recent community collaborations include:
  • Cuyahoga County Housing First Coalition, 2003 – present
    CHN has developed 9 permanent supportive housing projects (500 units) for this coalition, which has reduced chronic homelessness in our region by an astounding 75%. Operating partners include CHN (developer), EDEN Inc. (property manager), Frontline Service (lead service provider), and Enterprise Community Partners (coalition manager). 

  • City-wide Year 16 CDC Initiative (2012 – ongoing)
    CHN led the creation of this initiative to stabilize 700 affordable homes (owned by local CDCs) by raising nearly $2M, purchasing bank notes, and influencing lenders to write down $6M+ in loans. Key partners include CHN, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, City of Cleveland, Enterprise Community Partners, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, National Equity Fund and Neighborhood Housing Services. 

  • Cuyahoga County EITC Coalition (2004 – ongoing)
    This coalition is led by Enterprise Community Partners. The Coalition has filed 92,000 returns for low-income families representing $119M in refunds ($45M EITC). The largest coalition members are Famicos Foundation, ESOP, Detroit Shoreway Community Development, Cleveland Housing Network and Burten, Bell, Carr—each preparing over 1,000 tax returns annually. 

  • Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Prevention Coalition (2006-ongoing)
    This coalition has helped over 5,000 homeowners to avoid foreclosure. Partners include Cuyahoga County, CHN, Community Housing Solutions, ESOP, Home Repair Resource Center and Neighborhood Housing Services. 

  • Connect Your Community (2010-2012)
    CHN teamed with lead partner OneCommunity in this digital literacy project to reach 25,000 low-income families nationwide. CHN coordinated and managed 20 partner sites in Northeast Ohio to achieve 32% of the national goal (8,000 trained, 6,000 connected). Key local partners included Cuyahoga Community College, Esperanza Inc., Famicos Foundation, the Ashbury Computer Center and Fairfax Renaissance Development and Lorain County Community College.

  • Opportunity Homes, 2008 - 2013
    This neighborhood stabilization partnership impacted 600 vacant and abandoned homes in Cleveland through rehabilitation, demolition and land reuse. Partners included the Cuyahoga Land Bank, Neighborhood Progress Inc., CHN, the City of Cleveland, local CDCs and others.