A Year of Discovery in CHN Offices

This past year, CHN intentionally focused our attention on new ways to leverage the delivery of housing stability services that in the years to come, will lead to deeper solutions to interrupt and break the cycle of poverty. 

We invite you to learn more about CHN’s recent work in these areas by taking a few minutes to browse our 2015 Annual Report

The Annual Report is based on CHN’s determination to Dig Deeper, Think Broader, and Ask More Questions about our current strategies and geographic spread of services. The report includes highlights from CHN’s recent impact study with PolicyLab Consulting Group, and features CHN’s overarching strategies to create vibrant neighborhoods and resilient families.

In 2015,CHN sought solutions on how best to provide services for the 30,000 families we serve each year. These grounding efforts guided our work in 2016, and opened the door to new, innovative solutions to the causes we all care about most – poverty, housing instability, and social equity. 

We hope you enjoy this year's Annual Report, and we look forward to staying in touch with you about CHN's ongoing efforts to offer those we serve the "Power of a Permanent Address".

A Very special thank you to our 2015 Donors and Supporters. Click here to read a heartfelt expression on how your contributions are making a difference.